T├ęcnicas de Pivoting Chisel You can download it from the releases page of You need to use the same version for client and server socks ./chisel server -p 8080 –reverse #Server — Attacker ./chisel-x64.exe client R:socks #Client — Read more ›

Configurar zsh para que reconozca el Numpad

zsh does not do the mapping automatically, but you can use bindkey to do the mapping on your own. I have the following in my ~/.zshrc to get the keypad working: bindkey -s in-string out-string binds in-string to out-string. If in-string is typed out-string is pushed back and treated as input. The actual Read more ›

Tuya IoT Admin: Test: SDK PHP SDK Python

Resumen funcionamiento SPF, DKIM y DMARC

fuente: SPF Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is simply a DNS TXT record that lists the servers that are allowed to send mail for a specified domain. This allows recipients to determine if an email really is coming from who Read more ›