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Test DoS && DDoS

DDoS AnĂ¡lisis de Ataques Coordinados Explotando DDoS usando servidores SNMP “Reflection Attacks” – DNS – SNMP y ahora NTP

Solucionando el problema del channel -1 de Kali Hello mustapha I had the same problem. You could kill the NetworkManager process to ‘fix’ the channel -1 error, but I just brought my interface down after turning on my monitor-interface. Commands: First, launch monitor-interface: airmon-ng Read more ›

Instalar Grub customizer en Kali Linux

El tip es adicionar los repositorios adicionales del kali, actualizar los mismos, y seguir con la guia de las siguientes URLs.

solucion al problema de librerias en Kali Linux Problem Errors were encountered while processing: extlinux E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) Solution i had that problem too , after looking over the net , i found that the problem could be related to an incomplete Read more ›

QoS Routers